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There are numerous canals and rivers flowing through the district. A brief description follows:- BATA MOJI:- It originates from the glaciers of Shamsbari and Irrigates land from Nachiyan to Teetwal (Karnah) KISHAN GANGA :-This  river is revered by hindus and mainly forms the line of control in Keran and Karnah areas.It comes from the Himalayas and flows  into Dumail Pakistan. KAHMIL:-  It has its origin in Satkholnag of Kajinag Mountain. It is an important source of irrigation from Chowkibal to Kupwara and then joins Pohru nala near Kupwara. MAWER:- It comes from the glaciers and springs of Satkholnag and Kajinag and Irrigates land in Mawar area and then joins the Jehlum. LOLAB :- It comes into existence by meeting various rivulets at Woovra, Khumriyal etc. in Lolab and irrigates great deal of land up to Kupwara and then joins Pohru nala. PUHRU:- This river comes in to existence at Kupwara when Kehmil, Lolab Nala, Bohipora Nala and Haihama Nala meet together .It meets Hehlem in Doabgah Sopore. It is an important source of Irrigation from Kupwara to Sopore and also provides water to Lal Khul. KALAROOS NALA:- This rivulet comes from Moori Kalaroos irrigating lands of Kalaroos and Khumriyal and then joins Nala Lolab near Khumriyal. KASHUR KATHA:- This Nala originates from Dut Gully and runs amidst Keran area and finally drops in Kishan Ganga. NALA VIJ:- Comes from Chowkibal and joins Kehmil near Gushi. TALER:- It also comes from Satkholnag and irrigates land in Rajwar area and then joins Pohru at Kulangam. BAPORA KHUL:- It comes from Bapora Alsoosa (Chowkibal area) and provides water to lands upto Trehgam. CHOTA KHUL (Haihama Nala):- It has its source in Kani Bahak in Haihama and then some more Nallas join it. It joins Lolab Nala in Kupwara town. DAAL KHUL:- This canal gets water from Nala Lolab at Zangli (Kupwara) and Irrigates land from there up to Drugmulla. DAHGAM KHUL:-  This canal flows through parts of Lolab. DANGARWARI:- It gets its water from Kahmil near Redi Chowkibal area and Irrigates land upto Tarthpora. DUDI (Duda Khul):- It comes from Reetuwali Gully near Kajinag. Its water is white as milk and joins Kehmil near about Dranyadi.(T.P) HEE BAR:- Comes from Redi and meets Rehman Dulj at Kralpore and irrigates the land of Trehgam Town. LALKHUL:- This canal has been dug by the famous King of Kashmir Sultan Zainul Abideen (Badshah). It gets its water  from Pohru Nala near Kupwara and is source of irrigation from Kupwara to Bomai. A lift station also supplements its water near Vodhpora. MALIK KHOL:- It has been cut from Kahmil near Tumina in Chowkibal area and irrigates land upto Tarthpora. MANCHIR:- This canal irrigates  land of various village of Lolab. Dahgam Khul and Badi Khul of Diver provide water to  this canal. It also provides water to Lalpore, Diver, Gund Macher etc. REHMAN DULL:- It is derived from Batpora Kehmil near Redi Chowkibal and irrigates land upto  Trehgam and then again drops into Kehmil.

Rivers and Canals