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Mosques and Temples

  Almost every village has a mosque and temples in a few places dominated by other religious minorities. The well known amongst them are:- Jamia Masjid Kupwara .This splendid Mosque  accommodates about 9000 persons at a time.  The original Jamia Masjid near the Shrine of Syed Mohammad Gabi was constructed by the Chek Rulers and is still in good shape and continues to provide solace to people offering prayers therein. Jamia Masjid Handwara:-It accommodates about 3000 worshipers. Jamia Masjid Muqam Shahwali. This accommodates about  2500 worshipers. Jamia Masjid Tangdar:- It is named after Shahi Hamdan and it is believed that Shahi Hamdan had offered a  chilla in this mosque. The people of the area have reserved a corner in the Mosque and have fenced it beautifully as chilla Kothri of Shahi Hamdan. Kheer Bawani Temple:- Situated at Tikker kupwara.  A mela is held at the temple every year. There is a sacred spring near the temple and needful residential arrangement has been made for yatrees or pilgrims. Badra Kali Temple :- It is near Badrakali village of Handwara Tehsil. A mela is held at the temple every year. There is  a spring and a dormant sacred volcano  in the village.The area has picturesque beauty and great pilgrim tourism potential. Gazi Masjid:- It is in Gazriyal near the tomb of famous saint Baba  Abdullah Gazi.