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BABA ABDULLAH GAZI NAG:- This is situated in the compound of Hazrat Baba Abdullah Gazi’s Shrine in Gazriyal and is treated as sacred. It is said Baba Abdullah Gazi had dug  360 springs  in the valley at different places for public convenience. BUBAR NAG:- This  spring   is located in Bubar Village of handwara Tehsil. It has pure and sweet water. CHAUNHERI NAG:-It is  located in the lap of Kaji Nag  and usually  hidden under glaciers. Its water comes down to  Pohru. CHIN CHIN NAG:- It is in Gugloosa . It is believed that it gets its water  from Trehgam Nag. DURGA NAG :-spring situated in Drugmulla (Anderhama). GASHI NAG & LAKHMANI NAG KARIHAMA situated a few Kilometers away from Kupwara town towards west. GIRCHAN NAG:-  It is in the south of Kajinag. Its water also comes to join Pohru. GOTUM RISHI  NAG:- It is situated in Gazriyal. There is a series of springs in Gazriyal,  attributed to famous saint and social worker Baba Abdullah Gazi. LADAR NAG:- It is in Ladarwan village and sacred for Muslims. LOV NAG:- It is situated in Lalpore Lolab. Early historians say this spring was dug by Raja Lov of ancient times who had settled the cities of Lalpore and Lolab. KAJI NAG :- The historical  and big spring is on giant mountain Bangas, at a  height of   15524 feet. KHIR BAWANI NAG:- It is situated in the premises of Khir Bawani Shrine in Tikker  It is treated very sacred by Hindus. They drop coins and ornaments in it and take a ritual bath to get purity. Hindus believe that the water of this springs changes colours. If the people are going to be prosperous for the year the water turns blue on Janam Ashtani otherwise it turns black. MACHA BAWAN :- This spiring is located at Jagerpora and has Shiv Ling in it. MIR NAG :-It is  situated in village Mirnag in Haihama. It is attributed  to  Mir Mohammad as per Kosher Encyclopedia. NANGA BAJI NAG:- This mildly sulphuric water spring is in Zand Dudi Machil. NARA NAG:- It is located in Dardpora, about 20 kms  from Kupwara. NATRESHI NAG:- It is near the Shrine of famous Saint Natreshi Baba 1.5 kms in the north of Trehgam Town. RAM KUND, SITA KUND, LATCH MAN KUND, HANUMAN KUND:- This series of springs is located in Meelyal Harie area and these are treated sacred by Hindus .They say Ram Chandler ji, settled here for some time, along with his companions, during their exile. REDA NAG:- It is in village Redanag in Lolab area. Some time back it was full of fish, considered ominous by the locals. Then one portion of its embankment collapsed into the water and the fish went missing mysteriously. RESHIBABA NAG:- It is near the shrine of Reshibaba in Gulgam area and is treated very sacred.  SAID GANGA (Said Mahyun):- It is situated in the village Kandi Khass, about 14 kms in the south of Kupwara and is treated very sacred both by Hindus and Muslims. It is believed that its water comes from the Ganges. SATKUL NAG :- It is a series of seven great springs located under the glaciers of Shamsbari. It provides water to   rivers  Kehmil,Taler and Mawar and four of its rivulets go to Pakistan and POK to join Kishan Ganga. SEVEN SPIRING Bagabal Halmatpora. SITA SARI:-It is lacated in Meelyal area. People believe that it has been dug by Sita ji during her exile. It is also known as Sitaser or Sitasari. SHAFA NAG:-  It is situated in Kralpora and is attributed to Hazrat Baba Abdullah Gazi. SHIV NAG:- This spring, located in Trehgam, is a symbol of Hindu Muslim unity. Muslim Ziarat, of Syed Ibraheem Bukhari and Mir Kherarullah, Jamia Masjid and a Shiv Temple  stand on the same bank of the spring. The spring is equally holy for Hindus and Muslims. SHUM NAG:- It is located on Kupwara-Chowkibal road, about 12 Kms in the west of Kupwara. It is said its early name was Shumboo Nag. This spring is equally sacred for Hindus and Muslims. SUNDER NATH NAG:- situated in Pazipora.  TULI NAG:- It is in Reshigund village. ZAITI SHAH NAG:- This historical spring is 3 Kms towards  south-east of Kupwara, in the village Muqam Shah Wali. Shrine of famous saint Zaiti Shah Wali is situated on its bank. It is believed that the saint put dry fish in it which came to life and the fish present in the spring are their progeny. So they are treated as sacred. Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs equally treat the spring and the Shrine as very sacred and drop rice, etc. to the fish. ZUGRASHI BABA:- It is in Reshigund Village near Gazriyal.