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Ration Card

Types of Ration Cards Green cards and Yellow cards are issued to BPL families living in rural areas and urban slums APL cards which are of two types, namely saffron cards and photo cards, are issued to families living above the poverty line (APL). Saffron cards are issued to APL families in rural areas and photo cards are issued to APL families in urban areas Honorary cards are issued to families which do not desire rationed commodities but require ration cards for identification purposes only. Procedure to apply: The application can be submitted on a plain paper but in the same format. It is not essential to use the printed form. The application for a new ration card should be submitted in the prescribed form. The prescribed application forms are available in the respective offices free of cost. For obtaining computerised ration cards, an application fee of Re.1 is charged. The format is also displayed in the Fair Price Depots. The application can also be submitted on a plain paper but in the same format. It is not essential to use the printed form. Either the head of the family or the spouse should submit the applications. Applications through intermediaries, social workers, etc. will not be entertained. Applications received in bundles through anyone will also not be entertained Download Form Here Eligibility: Every family residing in the State of Jammu and Kashmir is entitled to a ration card. Fee: New Ration Card o BPL - Rs. 25/- o APL - Rs. 50/- Reissue in case of Loss of Ration Card In case of loss of ration card, the cardholder can apply for a duplicate ration card along with an affidavit about the loss of the card. The duplicate card will be issued after due enquiry, in 30 days' time. o BPL - Rs. 100/- o APL - Rs.100/- Required Documents/Papers: Three passport-sized photographs of the applicant Proof of residence: Copy of any of the following documents showing the residence address of the applicant Identity card issued by the Government or by Public Sector Undertakings Latest telephone bill on the name of the applicant Recent mail received by the applicant Latest LPG receipt on the name of the applicant Valid driving license Valid Passport Voter Identity card Latest tax paid receipt, if living in own house Extract of the Electoral Roll Latest rent-paid receipt, if living in a rented house, clearly indicating the name and complete postal address of the owner Any other documents that may prove the applicant's residence In respect of poor applicants who do not have any of the above documents, the Food Inspector will conduct local enquiry and draw up a mahazar about the applicant being a bonafide resident or not. Further, if the issuing authority is not satisfied by any one of the proofs given by the applicant, the authority may ask for a second proof from among any one of the proofs listed above. A decision will be taken on submission of the second proof. Latest Income Certificate, if the applicant is seeking a yellow card (BPL card). In addition, the Food Inspector concerned will conduct a local inquiry to verify the information about the ownership of any valuable assets that may disqualify the applicant from being issued a BPL card. Surrender certificate or deletion certificate issued by the competent authority of Food & Civil Supplies Department if the applicant has moved from one place to another. Every applicant will be issued an acknowledgement with the due date. The applicant should demand and collect the acknowledgement. The applicant should obtain the ration card after duly signing in the assignment register maintained in the rationing office.
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